The ArchaeoExploration Foundation

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A Swiss foundation dedicated to supporting archaeology in remote and understudied regions


We believe that the exploration of cultural heritage in remote and wild places leads to new understandings of our shared past and exciting insights into untold chapters of the human story.

The foundation has the long term goal to promote archaeological field research and accompanying media documentation in remote and hard to access locations of Central, East, Southeast, and South Asia, as well as the Pacific realm. Support is provided to scientifically well-founded projects with exploratory character, which are conducted under difficult circumstances and contribute to answering macro-regional archaeological research questions.

current projects

The Excavation of Tunnug 1 / Arzhan 0

Currently the foundation is seeking support for the 4-year archaeological excavation at Tunnug 1 / Arzhan 0, the oldest royal Scythian tomb found in the Republic of Tuva, Siberia. Funding will directly support the archaeological specialists, as well as go towards local workers, and the logistics needed to excavate, document, and preserve the tomb.

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